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Life Force Wellness is a wellness company dedicated to helping burned-out, overworked professionals and leaders achieve a better work-life balance. Our team, led by founder Megan Wollerton, has years of experience in wellness programming and leadership training, and we are committed to providing low-cost solutions that deliver real results.

Megan Wollerton

B.S. Business Administration/Marketing, Minor in Psychology - Edinboro University

Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Health Coach, Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist, Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner.

Megan Wollerton, Owner of Life Force Wellness, is a certified personal trainer, health coach, nutrition coach, corporate wellness specialist, and positive psychology practitioner. With a B.S. in Business Administration/Marketing and a minor in psychology, Megan has a passion for creating engaging corporate wellness programs that work for both employees and employers.

After experiencing burnout in the oil and gas industry, Megan recognized the importance of work-life balance and set out to create a program that would benefit herself and her employees. Since then, Megan has been helping clients achieve happier and healthier lifestyles through her expertise in exercise, nutrition, mental resiliency, behavior change, and well-being.

At Life Force Wellness LLC, Megan's focus is on seven distinct well-being areas. With her dedication to helping others and extensive knowledge in wellness, Megan is committed to providing effective solutions that lead to happier and more productive employees for companies.

Our Team

Marc Kanterman

B.S. Exercise Science, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, NSCA Certified Trainer specializing in Post-rehabilitation Physical Therapy, Licensed Massage Therapist

During his twenty + years in the fitness industry, Marc has worked as a Personal Training Manager in various settings. As Manager of Personal Training, Marc was responsible for the development and supervision of over thirty trainers.

He facilitated a mentorship program that he created specifically as a training guide for his staff. Along with the Mentorship program, Marc is most proud of developing a youth fitness program that he launched in his hometown community. Youth fitness is a unique passion for him, based on his belief that fit children become fit adults.

In addition, he has initiated workshops at Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Columbia House and Panasonic. Some of the topics presented include Guidelines for a Healthy You, 9 Secrets to Maximum Fitness and Weight Loss, 16 Essential Strategies for Health and Fitness, and Business Plan for the Body. Marc continues to speak on health and fitness topics and is available upon request.

Brittany Onufrak

M.S. Exercise Science, Certified National Wellness Practitioner, NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Health and fitness have been a major focus in Brittany's life with her parents owning a gym. After several years of professional musical theatre contracts Brittany decided to immerse herself back into the health and fitness industry; obtaining her Masters and several certifications.

She started as a personal trainer and teaching a multitude of group fitness classes, then as an exercise physiologist, conducting 1:1 wellness consultations, administering fitness assessments, and then designing personalized exercise programming for various populations at corporate wellness centers and Pittsburgh's Children's hospital.

Brittany found a way to blend her theater skills and exercise knowledge and has a passion for educating audiences by leading on-camera fitness routines for the Walk At Home program, a renowned indoor walking program that has helped so many people get moving through the power of aerobic walking. Brittany provides a wide range of virtual fitness programs to our clients.

Christian Kilhof

B.S. Sports and Exercise, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Health and Fitness Instructor.

Born and raised in Germany Christian has spent more than 11 years as a personal trainer and wellness coach in both Europe and for the last two years in the United States, making English his second language. He has a background in facility management, including HR duties.

He specializes in strength and conditioning, athletic sports performance, power-lifting as well as general toning and wellness. Christian is a great motivator and coach who loves helping people change their lifestyle, overcome their struggles, and improve their quality of life. Christian can work with clients at all levels.

Gina Senatore

B.S. Health Science, M.S. Physician Assistant Studies, NCCPA Certified Physician Assistant. ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Gina has worked as a Physician Assistant since 2014. She has a wealth of knowledge and is well equipped to work with clients that have underlying health conditions who may need a coach that can work with other healthcare providers. Gina is a great patient advocate and remarkable coach.

She has worked with a wide range of patients from post-surgical to pediatric. She has a passion for helping people become healthier versions of themselves. Her own personal enthusiasm for exercise lead her to obtain her personal training certification.

She is a great fit for new moms, or those with young children, anyone currently under medical care, those with chronic conditions or anyone with high risk factors.

Maria Berexa

ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Rock Steady Boxing Certified, Delay the Disease Certified, Matrix Ride

Maria has a real passion for fitness. Exercise has always been a huge part of her life and she enjoys spreading this “love of exercise” to others. She truly enjoys helping people step out of their comfort zone by trying new things and helping them achieve their fitness and health goals. Maria is a remarkable coach with a wide range of skills.

Maria is the proud mother of 3 children who are now grown. She relates well with other parents, empty-nesters looking to move into the next phase of their lives and those preparing for retirement. One of her specialties is working with individuals that suffer from Parkinson’s Disease. She is currently working on her Senior Specialist Certification through ACE as she has a passion for working with individuals in their “Golden Years”.

Lisa Schooley

A.S. Childhood Development from Butler County Community College

Lisa Schooley is a Pittsburgh native, born and raised in Cranberry Township and a graduate of Seneca Valley High School in 2007. Lisa has a passion for helping others and caring for children. Lisa is currently working on her B.S.in Social work from Penn West Edinboro University.

Lisa is an extremely good listener and is empathic to those she supports. Lisa provides Administrative Support to Life Force Wellness; our organization could not run effectively if not for her commitment to excellence and exceptional organizational skills. With a keen eye for detail and a strong sense of professionalism, Lisa plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth functioning
of our operations.

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  • Improving employee retention and attracting top talent

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Megan Wollerton, of Life Force Wellness, presented to my Vistage Group of business leaders in July 2021. Her topic "Creating a Culture of Positivity and Growth” was a big hit with the attendees!

Her keen insights and perspectives really resonated with everyone considering today's employee retention challenges! I highly recommend having Megan present to any organization that is serious about wanting to grow and prosper!

- Kevin Trout Vistage Chair (Executive) Leadership training on Healthy Cultures

Megan at Life Force Wellness is a pleasure to work with. We have been utilizing her assistance for our wellness initiatives since early 2021.

Her presentation skills are phenomenal with large crowds, and she can easily keep their attention.

We don’t just utilize Megan here in Pittsburgh, we look forward to sending her out to our satellite offices, so she can share a unified message across our company. We look forward to working with her more in the future.

- Ashley Farkas, HR Director Nicholson Construction

Megan and her team at Life Force Wellness have provided a huge benefit for our wellness program at work. She is a hard worker and comes with a wealth of knowledge on nutrition, fitness, and wellness.

She is able to tackle any challenge that we throw at her. I would recommend her services to anyone, especially corporate employees seeking a wellness initiative at work.

- Jackson Dubreucq HR, Eaton

Megan Wollerton and I have worked together in various capacities over the years. She began presenting to our members in 2020 and quickly became a preferred speaker, rapidly advancing the membership through her lectures.

Megan can cater to a myriad of different personalities and professional backgrounds. Our group, representing HR professionals from the greater Pittsburgh region, finds her style to be engaging and informative, and her evaluations indicate a high regard for the information provided.

Megan’s presentations have prepared our members with the skill sets necessary to move through life transitions while continuing to find ways to be productive. Roadblocks and unforeseen adversity, both personal and professional, stretch us every day.

The participants leave Megan’s presentations with the abilities to find productivity through adversity.

Based on Megan’s performance, our chapter has invited her to present at numerous meetings. Megan’s style of presenting combines valuable, practical information with immediate useful takeaways. In conclusion, I would emphasize that Megan is a unique individual that would be a substantial asset to any organization fortunate enough to acquire her speaking skills.

- Liz Llamping, Executive Director for the Pittsburgh Human Resource Association


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